Hello my loves,

I hope you are all well and getting in the festive spirit! I feel like I been a little absent from the blog over the last couple of weeks, I’m so sorry!

How are you feeling about Christmas?

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Velvet – is it like marmite? Do you love it or hate it? Well I love it, I absolutely bloody love it. There isn’t really a velvet season, but if there was, it would be now, the lead up to Christmas.

Dark autumnal tones or lighter duskier colours, I’m not fussed how it comes, give me velvet and I’m happy!

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Sunday autumnal walks through the leaves, all wrapped up in your cosiest coat, hot chocolate in hand, it all sounds amazing and is amazing until you can no longer feel your cold, damp feet!

This is something more practical than you’d usually see me wearing, and I’m so happy I have discovered the waterproof Toffee Suede Summit Boots from TOMS. 

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