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Getting your lashes done is probably on a lot of girls to-do lists when they’ve got a big event, holiday or just to TREAT YO-SELVES. 

I had mine done last week in preparation for a wedding and a holiday! I’m lucky to have long eye lashes, but they’re so fair, when I don’t wear mascara, you can’t see them at all! I’m also allergic to the LVL treatment so the individual lashes are the best bet for me. 

The lovely and super talented Laura Carroll, applied my lashes for me. She’s so professional and the best lash expert I’ve found. She’s also an amazing make-up artist, and offers other lash treatments too. We’ve teamed up to share this post with you because through Laura’s career, she’s heard so many horror stories about having individual lash extensions, and if not applied correctly, it can really cause some lasting damage, and you really don’t want anything going wrong so close to your eyes! Laura has shared her knowledge to give you guys the best experience you can have with your lashes. 


We’re going to be talking through, how to find the right lash expert to book in with, what to expect, and some top tips for after care. 


Right, so you’ve decided you want to have the lash treatment…

 Who do you go to? 

Recommendation –  its always a safe bet going to someone who you’ve been recommended to by a friend.

Research – search for a local lash expert in your area (most of them will have facebook and instagram pages)

Whilst you’re looking for the right person, ask them:

Where did they train?

What qualifications have they got?

Nouveau and lash base are very good places to have been trained. Check for certificates on show in the room, well known brands such as Nouveau and Lash base are ones to keep an eye out for.


You’ve chosen the right person, now book a consultation. This could be on the same day as the treatment, but remember, if you are not happy with the consulation, you are free to walk out of that door before the treatment starts. If you don’t feel comfortable, you are not obliged to have the treatment. 

I don’t mean to sound dramatic here, I know it isn’t a major treatment, but Laura mentioned, there are quite a few ‘self-taught’/people who have learned from YouTube, who call themselves lash experts but they have not had the expert training and knowledge. If those lashes are not applied correctly, you’re going to loose lashes and potentially damage the eyelash follicle which will stop the lashes ever re-growing. 

Types of lashes

There are a few different types of lashes…

Classic –  1 false eyelash is applied to 1 of your lashes.

Russian –  3 individual false lashes are made in to a fan and then applied to 1 of your lashes giving lots of volume and va-va-voom! 

Hybrid/Mixed – this is a mix of the 2 sets above. 

I had the mixed set. 

laura byrnes, lauras little locket, lash extensions, laura carroll

Laura emphasised that it’s all about the lash isolation. None of your own eye lashes should be stuck together, 1 classic false eyelash to 1 of your eyelashes, or 1 little set of russian false lashes applied to your own 1 eyelash. 

The treatment should take around 1.5 hours. 

You shouldn’t be able to feel the lashes once they are on. A lot of people have said they feel the lashes are heavy and tight, the lashes should never feel like that. They should be light weight, and apart from slight fumes for 30 seconds after the treatment when you open your eyes, there should be no discomfort at all.

laura byrnes, lauras little locket, lash extensions, laura carroll

After your treatment 

The lashes need to be looked after so you can make the most out of them and get the longest lasting results. 

Your lash expert will give you a little spooly brush to comb through, I always do mine in the morning and then before bed. 

Avoid oils on the lashes. I always use a night oil as part of my evening skincare routine, so now I just completely avoid the eye area. 

laura byrnes, lauras little locket, lash extensions, laura carroll

Laura advises the best thing to wash them with is a baby shampoo, you can foam some up and then pop on the lashes and comb through, this just gets out any make up fall-out and keeps them clean and not clogged, this should be done a few times a week. For daily cleansing and removing make up, Laura recommends the Garnier Micellar water (pink lid).

If you’re a Love Island fan, you would have seen Danni Dyer blow drying her lashes. This isn’t a good move, the heat from the hair dryer can melt the glue attaching the lashes etc etc, just don’t do that 😉 

Lastly, it is normal for a few eyelashes a day to fall out. We shed eyelashes every day, but we just notice it more when there is a false one attached, so don’t panic, it is normal! This is where you will see if they’ve been applied correctly, if there is more than 1 of your eye lashes attached the to the false lash, it was never isolated properly when applying! 

We hope this had given some help and answered some of your lash related questions! 

I’ll leave a link to Laura’s website and instagram here so you can have a look at her amazing work! 

Feel free to reach out to either of us if you want to know more! 

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  1. Mila
    June 26, 2018 / 12:57 pm

    So, you have had your eyelashes, eyebrows and lips done. Dont go to far, Laura, you are beautiful.

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