Last year, just before my 26th birthday, I shared a post about 26 life lessons on my 26th birthday. This wasn’t like a ‘I know it all/I have life completely sussed out’, it was more of a reflection over the last few years. 

I’ve actually just re-read last years post and I love all of the points, they still seem so relevant to me a year on. Especially number 8&9! I wanted to do something similar again but instead of one liners, I wanted to unload my brain and just share my current thoughts on life! 

Age is just a number
One point I touched on in the previous post was ‘Age is just a number’. It really, really, is. People always say, ‘I don’t feel this age’ but what does that age feel like? I don’t think we should ever let our age limit us on anything we want to do. We should never feel ‘too old’ or ‘too young’ to be doing that, as long as you enjoy it, do it. 

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Be an enthusiast
Realistically, if there is something you want to achieve. Put a plan in place to reach the goal. If you want that career, you study hard, take up the internship, live and breathe it! Completely immerse yourself in it. I absolutely love Road Dahl and here’s one of my favourite quotes from him..

‘I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. If you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it at full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good’

It really makes me smile every time I read it and fills me with happy memories as a child reading his books. 

I’ve written about my work background before blogging (you can read it here if you missed it). I never really immersed myself in to anything until I started my blog. I left school at 16 with only GCSE’s, jumped around a lot of jobs, and now I run my blog and social channels as my full time business. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’ve never been as determined with anything as much as I have with this and for once am proud of myself for sticking to it and working really hard to achieve it. Honestly, if I can do it, you can do it. 

Being positive feels so much better!
Being kind, helpful and complimentary actually makes YOU feel better! I love being able to put a smile on peoples faces, and if we can all share a few compliments, a few kind words a day, it just fills us with more love and happiness. Being negative is exhausting, its such a waste of time. 

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Ride the wavefeelings are only temporary.
I haven’t got life nailed on in the slightest, but one thing I do know; is our journey is one big rollercoaster. We have to ride the wave. I recently wrote a post on how I’d been feeling, which was a little low, and now I feel so much better, and that was only a month ago. I have real highs and real lows in life, I haven’t yet explored the reason why I get them but I know that each emotion isn’t forever. However we are feeling, its only temporary.

To-do lists are my saving grace
I wake up every morning with my to-do list for that day. I like to think I’m spontaneous, but I actually love set routines and I’m bit of a control freak. I never overload my to-do lists, but they keep me focused. This sounds very regimented, but even on the weekends, I might have some errands to run, cleaning to do, things to return. Whatever I have to do that day, I’ll write it down. I can then cross everything off and it fills me with a sense of achieving. If I don’t get everything done, i’ll just add it to tomorrow’s list and it isn’t the end of the world. I don’t know about anyone else, but my lists always have to be written, not in the notes page of my phone! This seems a weird thing to put in a post like this, but I feel most happiest and least anxious when I am in control of most things. If you also struggle with anxiety, I think you’ll understand this! 

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Thank you!
If I could send virtual hugs to each and everyone of you reading this, I would, I wish I could. You’re are all so kind, supportive and lovely to me! Putting yourself out there on this world wide web can be daunting but I never feel afraid of it anymore because you’re all so understanding and amazing, so a huge huge thank you! 

I usually make my birthday last a week with celebrations, but this year, I just really want a low-key birthday. I say low-key, but I still would like balloons and birthday cakes galore, but just not a week of celebrations!  I’m having a lovely brunch with my besties and then will have a family lunch on my actual birthday!

That was longer than expected, have a really great week and speak soon! Thought it was apt to share this chubby baby photo of me and my little brother! 

laura byrnes, lauras little locket

laura byrnes, lauras little locket

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