As most of you probably know, I ‘had my lips done’. I had lip fillers at The Harley Academy around 4 weeks ago.


There really wasn’t a real reason why I had them done, I had fairly normal to small lips, and I just wanted to try something new and see what those full kissable lips would look like on me! I had never had any procedure done like this before so I was quite apprehensive and nervous.

I’d been thinking about it for around 6 months, I had an appointment mid last year and actually cancelled it because I chickened out and I was worried about what people would think, so this time, I only booked the appointment the night before, didn’t really tell anyone. And just went for it!

The process

It was actually very quick, the consultation took around 15-20  minutes and the procedure actually only took, 5 minutes max.

The Dr applied numbing cream whilst we were doing the consultation to give it time to numb the lips. The numbing cream did help, I couldn’t feel the needle pierce the skin, but I could feel the needle moving around in the lip which I did find painful, the numbing cream did take the edge off.

I knew before I even stepped through the door that I didn’t want the full 1ml of filler that you can have. I have quite a small head and small-ish features so I just wanted a subtle enhancement, I didn’t want people to look at me and immediately think, she’s had her lips done. The Dr injected half to show me and then I had the option of having more. Once 1/2 ml had been injected, she showed me and I was happy with the size and didn’t want anymore.

The recovery

The Dr advised to put nothing on them for 24 hours, just let them be. I had them done around 3pm in the afternoon, I went home, removed my make up and just left them. They didn’t feel too sore at this point, I think the numbing cream was still working its magic.

Day 1 after the injection: When I woke up they were quite sore. My top lip had swollen a lot more than my bottom lip so  I was worrying a bit but I knew the swelling was going to go down. They felt stiff, tight and I felt like I didn’t have much movement in my mouth. I couldn’t do a big cheesy grin! I have a habit of always rubbing my lips together, especially when I have lip balm on, and  I couldn’t do that! I was feeling quite self conscious about the swelling, I left the house only once but kept my head down!

Day 2 after the injection: My top lip was still very swollen, no bruising, thankfully. They were still a bit sore but I had a bit more movement in my lips. They felt really dry so I kept lathering them in lip balm! I still felt quite concious that people were looking at me because the swelling was still very prominent.

Day 3 after the injection: The soreness had gone but they were still pretty swollen. I had more movement though and felt like I could move my mouth normally now. I still hadn’t worn lipstick on them because I wanted to give them as much natural healing time as possible.

The swelling slowly started to go down and I felt like I could properly smile again. It wasn’t till about 10 days after the injections that I felt comfortable with them. When it’s your own face, you notice every single little thing, and it just took me a while to get used to them.

The filler usually lasts around 6 months, but they say on your first time it is usually a little less. As you build it up it lasts longer.

I had it done at Harley Academy, which is an elite cosmetic training clinic. The price is a lot cheaper than other clinics because this is a training clinic. Treatments are either performed by the experienced professional or the trainee, but these trainees are fully qualified to perform treatments. They come to the clinics to perfect their skills under expert guidance.

Here’s some info on pricing…

£120 for up to 3 areas of ‘Botox’ outside of London
£150 for up to 3 areas of ‘Botox’ in London
£120 for 1ml of dermal filler outside of London
£150 for 1ml of dermal filler in London.

There are clinics in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Stockton-on-tees. You can head over to the website here to find more details on them!




laura byrnes, lauras little locket

laura byrnes, lauras little locket


  1. Mila
    February 17, 2018 / 10:41 am

    Thank you for sharing! They look absolutely beautiful. Love them for being normal looking. Bravo! x

  2. Tiyana
    February 18, 2018 / 8:59 am

    You’re gorg!! Video request – how you edit and take your Instagram as well as blog photos? Would love to see that. Keep up the good, hard work. Xx

  3. February 19, 2018 / 2:58 pm

    Good on you for trying this out! ☺ I’m the same, normal to small lips and I would like to consider trying it on, so thanks for sharing! 😉 Your lips look absolutely lovely! ❤
    Diana xxx

  4. Claire
    April 17, 2018 / 7:29 am

    I just had 1/2ml Juvederm in my lips yesterday afternoon! Like you, I’m not really sure why I did it but just wanted to try it out! I woke a few times in the night last night to check on them 😂 this morning they are more swollen and sore. I remembered reading about your experience back in Feb so I’ve just re-read it and it’s made me feel much more relaxed knowing that this is normal! I can’t rub my lips together, it feels so weird! I have to go to work today too 🙈 Thank you for reasurring me!x

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