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Happy New Year my loves!

I hate the phrase, new year, new me, but It wouldn’t be January, if we didn’t try and come up with some New Year resolutions, or some changes we’d like to make in our lives. Here are 6 things I think we could all incorporate in to our lives this Jan….


1 – Setting realistic goals and actually making a plan on how to make them happen.

Loads of us, including me, always start the new year saying, this is the year I’m going to get really healthy and get in to a really good shape. Do I ever stick to it? Nope. I think it’s because I don’t set things in place to make it happen. I think a lot of you will relate to this as well! So lets start the year setting ourselves goals, because we always need something to strive towards but also, how are we going to get there? If you want to go down the healthy eating/loosing weight route which I will also be wanting to do. We need to plan in extra time to research healthy recipes, setting aside a few hours on a weekend to ‘meal prep’ schedule in gym classes and time for exercise. If we encorpate the things that will help us reach our goals in our daily routine, it will actually make it possible for us to hit our goals and targets.

2 – Drinking more water.

It sounds like a trivial one, but hydrating your body with water does SO many amazing things. I spend a lot of money on skin care, but really, drinking more water will actually improve my skin a lot more! I’ve started to have a slice of lemon in hot water to start my day off! I’ve also been using water bottles, like the Chilly’s bottles to take out and about with me, so I’ve always got a drink to hand! If you like the Chilly’s bottles you can use code CHILLYSLB15 for 15% off, here’s their website.

3 – Giving at least 1 compliment a day.

Making someone else feel good, naturally makes us feel good as well. I really love giving genuine compliments and spreading the love. You never know, your one compliment you give, could really make someones day.

4 – Think of 1 thing you’re appreciative of a day.

We live in this world of naturally comparing our lives to others. I’m so guilty of this, I often get caught up in looking at photos of other peoples lives, wishing mine was like that. But when I actually put my phone down and take a step back, I’ve got so many things to be grateful for and I should never take that for granted. I think if we take a minute and remind ourselves on a daily basis of all the amazing things that we have in our lives, it will make us much more appreciative of our lives.

laura byrnes, lauras little locket

5 – Saying no to things you don’t want to do.

I’ve already started to do this and it feels amazing! We often do things we don’t want to do, just because we feel like we have to. Recently, if I don’t want to do something, I will just say no. And don’t feel like you have to explain why. We try and say yes to everything but in real life, it’s just not possible. Our lives are so busy and time is so precious so why would we waste time on doing things we really don’t want to do?

laura byrnes, lauras little locket

6 – Being more organised.

I’d say I’m pretty organised 80% of the time. I keep my diary up to date and even put things in there like food shops etc so I actually plan in time for that. I hate being disorganised and not knowing what the hell is going on. On a sunday evening, plan your week out… When do you need to food shop? are you seeing friends? are you going to the gym? some time for your self? Plan it all in so you aren’t rushing around forgetting what you’re doing! Sounds simple, but when you write it down, it is much more clearer than trying to remember 101 in your already over worked brain!

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Bring 2018 on!

Just a quick soppy note… thank you so so much for all of your support in 2017, it has meant the absolute world to me! Every like, comment or kind word, really helps me to achieve my dream and I’m so grateful to  have each and everyone of you who spends time to read my blog and follows my journey. Wishing you all a very happy, heathy, successful and dream chasing 2018!

Lots of love

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