A couple of weeks ago an email dropped in my inbox about meeting Claudia Schiffer whilst she was in London promoting her new makeup collection. I honestly thought, I think you’ve emailed the wrong person! Like WTF little me going to meet such an iconic incredible women! I did find out they had some big bloggers going but had also asked some ‘micro-influencers’ like me. I really like it when brands have a mix of the bigger bloggers and smaller bloggers as it really does show that whatever size your audience, you are appreciate and you can get amazing opportunities!

The first thing that crossed my mind was, what the hell do I wear to rub shoulders with the beaut CF? I went for classic neutral colours, nothing too OTT, I really liked what I wore in the end. I tried to be oh so classy and fabulous just like her.

What I wore…

I haven’t really met that many celebs/icons before so obvs I was a little nervous/had sweaty hands (lol) but she was so kind, gentle, softly spoken, had such an air of elegance, and everything else that you’d expect a supermodel to have, I was totally in awe. She looked just as beautiful in real life as she does in her photos.

The reason for the meet was to celebrate the launch of Claudia Schiffer Make Up.  Have you seen it yet? It’s so gorgeous! The packaging is all gold with hints of pale pink, very Instagram friendly!

The lovely Tricia Woolston, did my make up using the new products. These are the products she used on me…

Compact blusher
Setting Powder
Luxurious Volume Mascara
Creamy Eye Shadow
Eye Brightening Powder


I’ve tried a lot of make up recently and I am honestly impressed with these products! All of the lip colours are so pretty!

I am truly grateful to have these once in a life time experiences and it is thanks to you guys reading my posts that I have these opportunities, so thank you, thank you thank you!

I also logged this day, you can watch the video below!

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  1. Mila
    December 9, 2017 / 2:09 pm

    Laura’s lucky locket 🙂 You look beautiful. Your skin and your hair… flawless x

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