Laura byrnes, lauras little locket, rumchata Laura byrnes, lauras little locket, rumchata Laura byrnes, lauras little locket, rumchata

Are you a night in or night out kinda girl?

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I absolutely love being in my PJs on the sofa with some yummy food and drink rather than being in a busy loud night club (granny alert). In the summer, I do love being in outdoor bars though, but for a winter evening, I’ll 90% of the time opt for a night in!

Before you even think it, nights in are not boring! Most of my best friends are the same as me and love to stay in! We love girly nights in. I’m quite the foodie, so give me a good food, good drink and good company and I’m happy. Saying that, every now and then, a night in on my own in pure bliss! I enjoy my own company a lot more now than I used to. Also, everyone seems to be such busy bee’s, it’s often hard to get us all together on the same date, so I really do have to enjoy my own company sometimes!

Let’s get to the exciting part, what’s on the drink menu?

I love a cocktail, bloody love one… or three. I love experimenting with cocktails and tasting new things. Seeing as it’s coming up to Christmas, now is the perfect time to switch up the summery, light, fresh cocktails for something richer, warmer and with a little spice.

Laura byrnes, lauras little locket, rumchata

For my night in, the guys at RumChata suggest a White Russian (which sounds delicious!) but I’ve gone for a gingerbread martini….as inspired by the extensive cocktail recipe list on the RumChata website!

Rumchata recipe…

  • 2 parts RumChata
  • 1 part Gingerbread Syrup (or Gingerbread Liqueur)
  • 1 parts Vanilla Vodka
  • And a Gingerbread Cookie (if you LOVE biscuits like I do!)

Simply shake the ingredients up over ice, sieve into your glass and serve – with a gingerbead cookie (if you LOVE biscuits like I do!). It is an indulgent cocktail, so the martini style glasses give you just the perfect amount!

RumChata is a liqueur that uses five times distilled Caribbean rum and the freshest real dairy cream with a touch of natural cinnamon, vanilla, sugar and other secret flavours.

Surely this has to be the perfect Christmas cocktail base?! There are loads of others I want to make, the Cinnamon Pecan martini sounds delightful! See here for more cocktail recipes!

Laura byrnes, lauras little locket, rumchata Laura byrnes, lauras little locket, rumchata

What are you up to NYE? I’m actually having a girl’s night in and can’t wait to make cocktails with my besties. I might actually suggest that we all make a RumChata recipe and see who’s is the best, I’m not competitive, promise!

You could totally impress your Christmas guests with some of the recipes, if I can make it taste amazing, so you can. Image just handing them a cool cocktail you just whipped up rather than a cup of tea in your old chipped mug!

I also love the white and gold bottle, if only I had one of those gorgeous gold drinks trolleys, it would look amazing on that!

So then, who agrees, PJ’s on and a cocktail in hand, way better than going out right?!

PJ’s from Boohoo

Enjoy your Christmas drinks, but please drink responsibly!

This post is in collaboration with RumChata

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