Jeans, the best things and also the worst, right? Once you’ve found a pair you love, you usually have them for a while, wearing them day in and day out until they fade or get a hole in because you’ve over worn them.

At the moment, I’m hating jeans, I have tried on SO many pairs, and I just can’t find the right pair. Not even close, I would accept a good pair, but I can’t even find those. So I’m giving up for a while and I’ve been buying alternatives to jeans. I know others have this love/hate relationship with jeans so I thought I’d share what I’ve been opting for instead of jeans.

What I’m wearing…

Jumper – Zara
Trousers Zara
Boots – Topshop
Neck scarf – Accessorize
Bag – Gucci



Hello new best friends. I cannot get enough of these. High-waisted, loose, flowy, flattering, yes please. So many shops have got them in, so you aren’t stuck for choice, so much more comfortable than jeans. These gorgeous gingham ones are the latest to my culotte collection, joining a pair of basic black ones, dusky pink and a few other pairs. They’re SO easy to wear and I’m going to be wearing them all season.

My top picks….


Skirts glorious skirts, I’m obsessed. Yes it might be a little chilly on the legs but as long as you look good, who cares if you can’t feel your legs? Joking, obviously we don’t want to freeze to death, but whilst the weather is mild, I’m seriously making the most of this and loving skirts. Paired with ankle boots and a cute knit, this is basically my uniform now and my go-to weekend outfit!

My top picks….


I’m all for the cropped trouser, especially high waisted ones, I only wear high waisted trousers now anyway! They’re super easy to wear and there are so many variations, from super casual to more dressy, ones you could wear to Tesco and ones you could wear on a night out! Can you tell I love them a lot?!

My top picks..

Are you having the jeans troubles as well? I hope you find this useful and it gives you some other options rather than jeans!



  1. November 9, 2017 / 4:52 pm

    SO much yes to this post! I love jeans but I find it so difficult to find a pair I love and that fit me well, so I’m a bit fan of other bottom half options. Culottes are my actual saviour and best friend, they’re so comfortable. Very in love with the checked river island pair, might have to buy myself a cheeky present of those ones…your gingham ones are amazing too! xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

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