I’m really excited to share this post because if you read my 9 weird facts about me post (read here if you missed it) you’ll know that I have a really strong sense of smell!

I’m so passionate about perfume and scent

I honestly think I can sniff out perfumes and give you the name of a lot of them… good party trick ey!

I’ll be on the tube and get a hit of Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, or a lady walking past and I get a waft of her Chanel Mademoiselle, I can smell 100 guys in a club still wearing that blimmin’ Paco Rabanne One Million and I can smell the sweet notes from a Marc Jacobs scent a mile off.

I familiarise myself to scent and can think back to memories via smells. If I buy a new perfume for a holiday, it will always remind me of that holiday. Particular men’s aftershave’s remind me of ex-boyfriends too, and a smell can instantly take me back to a memory!

So when I was reading the press release for this brand, I was sat there nodding my head like the Churchill dog reading it! Keren, the founder of the brand, had been unknowingly marking the chapters of her life through scent, and so have I!

Did you know that your nose is limited to how much it can smell on any one occasion, so the muddled air of department stores and duty free are not the best places to experience new scents!

It is so overwhelming when you’re looking for a new scent, there are just too many? And you end up walking out of a department store with a different scent on your wrists, neck, elbow and every limb going.

Niche perfumes are new to me and I’m totally impressed. 

There’s been an explosion of creativity in the perfume world, but it’s still not that easy to try or buy niche fragrances due to their limited distribution. In a way, that is a slight advantage because no one else is going to have the same scent as you, or hardly anyone anyway.  I don’t like buying the same old, same old perfume that everyone else puts on their Christmas list, I want someone to say to me ‘OH your perfume is so lovely, I’ve never smelt that before – what is it?’ and then when you tell them, they’ve never heard of it. I love having things which stand out and that are different to everyone else.

The Chemical Poetry Club is a monthly subscription service, and you receive 3 unique vials of niche fragrances from independent British perfumers.

I’ve been trying out the October subscription box and really enjoying it! My favouite one is Rosa Ribes, It’s fresh, light, a little floral, but so addictive and unusual!

If you’re already stuck for Christmas gifts, this is such a great idea! It’s something completely different and unexpected! Or if you want a little treat to arrive in the box post each month, this again, would be perfect!

Once you’ve tried a few vials from your subscription boxes, and decided on your favourite, you can redeem points you’ve collection for the subscription service against the full bottles of your favourite scents.

Scent is a magical thing! 

The monthly boxes are collectibles, created to replicate books that fit together like a perfume library. You can join for £22.95 a month for the November and December boxes and cancel at any time, so you aren’t tied in to anything!

If you sign up before midnight on Friday 27th October using my discount code (LAURASLITTLELOCKET) you’ll receive 15% off and you’ll be put in the draw to win the last remaining October box to complete your set!

For more detail, head over to their website, here.

I can’t wait to start making new memories with my new scents!





  1. October 25, 2017 / 5:20 pm

    Wow this amazing! I think scent is one of the most important accessories we can have – especially because peopel tend to identify smells with you! I love having a memory associated with a certain smell as well!


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