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I can be working in an office, working from home or working on the go, wherever I’m working, my desk essentials pretty much remain the same!

My favourite place to work is at home. I love my desk layout, it makes me feel inspired and like a #girlboss (cringe I know, but it kinda does!)

Laura Byrnes, Laura's Little Locket Laura Byrnes, Laura's Little Locket


When I created my desk set up, it really had to be insta worthy and pinterest pretty! It had to feel like somewhere where I could sit and happily write, think of new ideas and do what I love! White, marble and rose gold were 100% the way forward for me, I like to work in a light, clutter free zone!

I cannot work in mess, it makes my brain feel messy, I like everything neat and tidy and then I feel like my brain feels neat and tidy too!

Laura Byrnes, Laura's Little Locket


There is one huge essential that goes with me wherever I work, coffee (or tea). We all love coffee right, a lot of us can’t function without it. I have to say, I usually wait until mid-late morning to have mine! BUT there are a few downsides of coffee, the biggest for me, is coffee breath. EWW! When I was at school, I had a teacher who’s breath absolutely stunk of stale coffee and it was so gross and after I’ve had a coffee, I always feel super conscious about my breath.

I’ve usually got mints close by to have that much needed ‘breath refresher’. OMG the amount of times I’ve said breath in this post is making me feel uncomfortable. Breathy breath, ewwww! I’ve always been a fan of POLO’s but recently the POLO Sugar Free Mint Pots have become my desk hero and handbag saviour! Whether I’m having a coffee at my desk or on the go before a meeting, sugar free POLO’s to the rescue! I much prefer the pots to the tubes, I’ve also popped a pot in my car. Fresh breath wherever I am! The sugar free range helps to prevent against dental erosion but obviously it’s still super important to always brush your teeth regularly! My faves are the extra strong ones, I love to be minty fresh! Did you know that POLO has been around since 1948, I had no idea they’d been around for that long!

Laura Byrnes, Laura's Little Locket Laura Byrnes, Laura's Little Locket

What’s on your desk?



This blog post is sponsored by POLO but all views are my own

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