laura byrnes, lauras little locketlaura byrnes, lauras little locket

I’m forever on my phone, but that’s because my phone basically organises my life and is something I couldn’t live without. I’m not just talking about being addicted to social media, but using apps to plan my life, plan journeys, edit photos, checking bank balances, paying bills, signing contracts etc. Just writing this has made me actually realise how much I’d struggle in life without it!

laura byrnes, lauras little locket

There are SO many apps available now, but these 5 apps are 5 that I’ve used for a LONG time, used nearly every day and that make my life a lot easier!

Instagram– Of course this had to be on here. I use Instagram to let you guys know when there is a new blog post up, to find inspiration for outfits, photos and for travel as well! Oh and the stalking as well! Posting to Instagram is essentially my part time job so Instagram is so important to me!

laura byrnes, lauras little locket

City mapper – This is super handy and I’m sure you’ve already got this app, but if you haven’t, I’d suggest downloading it NOW. You let it know where you want to go, and it will work out the quickest way to get there and loads of other things but this is what I mainly use it for. It sounds simple, but it’s super handy because it factors in the time it will take to walk to the station, to change platforms etc, so it is really precise and amazing for time planning! I HATE being late so I always use this when I’m planning my meetings/getting to events and just generally getting around London.

VSCO – A lot of Instagrammers will be familiar with VSCO, it’s a photo editing app. Recently I’m editing less on here and using just the iPhoto adjusting tools, but this has always been my go to for editing my snaps. It is free and the HB series that I use, is free too!

laura byrnes, lauras little locket

Lloyds Banking app – Am I a control freak that I check my bank at least twice a day? I don’t know why I need to do it twice but I like to be on top of my finances ALWAYS. So my Lloyds app is very well used!

Docusign – Some blog jobs requires a contract, the agency or brand would ask you to sign a contract and email it back to them, at first I was like, hmmm how am I going to this, it’s very old school for me to suggest to print off the contract, sign it and post it to them?! Haha In this day and age, of course there is an app for that! I was introduced to Docusign, it’s an app where you import your documents which you need to sign and you can sign from your phone, save the doc and send it back, just like magic! This isn’t just for contracts, but any documents that you need to make amends to, you can do it via Docusign! This is free too!

laura byrnes, lauras little locket, apps I cant live without laura byrnes, lauras little locket, apps I cant live without

What are your favourite apps or apps which you couldn’t live without?

It’s no secret that I’m a very clumsy person. I had my new iPhone 7 plus for about 2 week, dropped it and smashed the front screen. I was mortified!! I did have a case on it but it didn’t help L A week later, OtterBox came in to my life! A super sturdy protective case which I’ve used since the day it came through the letter box! This has completely saved me from further dinks, dents and drops! I just wish I had it sooner! I’ve got the clear glittery one as well, so pretty! OtterBox is all about being Out of Office and enjoying summer trips or days out, capturing memories along the way. The case wants to protect you when you’re out and about making memories!

Laura byrnes, lauras little locket, otterbox


Phone Case – OtterBox
Dress – Topshop
Pink fluffy cushion – Oliver Bonas
Pink and Gold cushion – Oliver Bonas

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