Lauras Little Locket - Laura ByrnesLauras Little Locket - Laura Byrnes

I recently went to an event at the Dorchester with CasinoEuro, if you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw all of my Instagram stories! Also did you catch my Instagram live? It was my very first one!

So, what were we doing there? CasinoEuro (an online gaming company) invited us down to play ‘Sherlock Holmes and Stolen Stones’! There were around 20 of us and we had a big tournament on the big screen. I love things like this because at Christmas all of my family love playing games, we get really competitive and it is so much fun! I’d never played any sort of slot game before, and I thought, I am going to be the worst person here at this! So I didn’t take it too seriously, but I only went and bloody won! This was a game of chance, so it was just pure luck! Beginners luck maybe? 😉 I couldn’t contain my excitement for the rest of the evening after winning!

The tournament was followed by a yummy dinner and a Sherlock Holmes ‘murder mystery’ style game, it was hilarious, and we had to dress up at the end as the characters too! I was Penny Sillen!

Lauras Little Locket - Laura Byrnes

Photo credit: Radley Mason

Lauras Little Locket - Laura Byrnes

That made my evening that I won! It really is so much fun playing group games! When (if) we ever move out of our little flat, I’d love to have a casino party, link the laptops up to the big screens and have a really fun evening with friends and family!

I’m not a massive gamer, but growing up with a younger brother, we played a lot of games! I’m always on my phone now, and it is really nice to have a break from social media and just have a little bit of fun! Now I’m not encouraging serious gambling here, literally a few pounds or so! You know when you’re waiting for your coffee, waiting for a friend, sat in the back of an Uber, on the underground, it’s something to kill time and just enjoy yourself for a few minutes! Great for #MeTime

They have SO many games on the app! I’ve been playing around with the Sherlock Holmes and Stolen Stones game as that is what we were introduced to at the event. I’m a HUGE Jurassic park fan and they’ve got a Jurassic park world game! This really is my inner geek-self coming out here! I can finally get round to buying that Jurassic park jumper and play my game and feel like to coolest kid ever.

The theme was ‘cocktail party/cocktail dress’ so I opted for this little black number – not something I’d usually go for, but while I was trying new things this night, why not try a new dress! It was surprisingly flattering and covered a multitude of sins, I.E my cake belly! The Dress is from Urban Outfitters.

Lauras Little Locket - Laura ByrnesLauras Little Locket - Laura Byrnes

Have a break from social media, get in some #MeTime and download the app! Have a browse through the games and let me know which ones are your favourite, make sure you check out the Jurassic World game! 😉 Browse all games here 

Speak soon

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