laura byrnes, lauras little locket, urbanz headphones,

laura byrnes, lauras little locket, urbanz headphones,

When I say this, I really hope someone else is nodding their head and does this too (hopefully  I’m not sounding like an absolute headless chicken), but I’ll be driving somewhere, arrive at my destination and think, how did I get here, I genuinely don’t remember the route because the whole time I was driving, I was thinking ‘oh I need to remember to do that’, ‘what shall I wear to…’, ‘I seriously can’t forget to do that because I was supposed to do that 2 days ago’, ‘oh shit, forgot to pay off the credit card’, ‘I really need to text so and so back…..’ my body goes on auto-mode and my brain is on complete overdrive and I feel like my poor brain isn’t getting a minute to ‘rest’! Even when I’m doing a task, I’m still being distracted by my busy brain.

This brings me on to the title of this blog post, zoning out and getting in the zone. This post is in collaboration with Urbanz headphones (as you probably guessed by the photos) and this ties in so well.

laura byrnes, lauras little locket, urbanz headphones, laura byrnes, lauras little locket, urbanz headphones,

Zoning out and getting in the zone

Listening to music helps me SO much to zone out and switch off! Sometimes I just go for a walk, listen to music, and for once, just focus on the music and be in that moment rather than thinking a million things at a time and what I need to do later. It makes me feel more centered and more ‘in control’ of my mind.

I’ve also recently started a YouTube channel, and I really love editing the videos because I can get completely in the ‘zone’ and I’m 100% focused when editing it! No one wants to hear me going over the same clip 100 times trying to edit out me getting my words muddled up so they’re perfect for editing! I’ll often go in to a coffee shop, pop on my headphones, get in the zone and write. I love it, I am SO much more productive when I’m in the zone.

I’ve been using the ‘Boost’ headphones from Urbanz, they are wireless (connected via Bluetooth) which is super handy so when I’m either on my walk, at the gym, writing or editing my videos, I’m not attached to anything, really practical for being on the go! They are soft and comfy on my head, I’ve had so many issues with the small earphones before because they don’t like staying in my ears, they fall out, or I push them in too hard and hurt my ears! I really prefer these over the head ones as they completely block all other sound out and all I can hear is whatever I’m playing! I can block out all the noise in coffee shops! Screaming children on a plane…no problem, the headphones really do become my best friend then! They also have 10 hours play back time from a full charge!

laura byrnes, lauras little locket, urbanz headphones,

laura byrnes, lauras little locket, urbanz headphones,

Urbanz have very kindly given me a discount code which will give you 50% off! Here it is: LaurasLocket-50. The Boost headphones are super reasonable at £34.99, so these would only cost you £17.50 if you use the code! They’ve got some gorgeous pastel coloured ones as well!

We all need a break from our busy brains reminding us of the million and one things which we need to do, and the best way I have found to do this is to pop on my headphones and get in my ‘zone’! Try it!

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Photos taken in Charlie’s Coffee & Company



  1. Paul
    July 9, 2017 / 7:28 pm

    Ha yes we all daydream when everyone is following rules and driving nicely. You wouldn’t daydream if driving in Nepal, India or Bangladesh 🙂

    • lauraslittlelocket
      July 10, 2017 / 8:24 am

      I can imagine it is a little more hectic there!

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