CUVÉE – Champagne for your hair? Yes please!

laura byrnes, lauras little locket, cuvee

laura byrnes, lauras little locket, cuvee


Champagne for your hair?? Yes please!

Turns out that champagne isn’t only great to drink, it’s great for your hair too! I’ve been trying out these CUVÉE products which are full of top-of-the-line ingredients! The primary ingredient: Champagne Extracts, to give hair gorgeous shine, body and life. These products are all about giving luscious, touchable softness and shine.

I’ve used the shampoo, conditioner and spraythey smell and feel absolutely insane! When I used them in the shower, the hot water really intensified the aroma and my bathroom smelt so so good!! They’re so luxurious, just as you’d imagine! The products contain no parabens or sulphates, so you don’t get that super bubbly lather but you get a lovely rich lather. I want to use them again already just thinking about them!

Cult beauty are offering FREE shipping on their CUVÉE products until 26th May! There is also a set of mini’s perfect for holidays!


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