A couple of weeks ago I had my eyebrows microbladed and I’m here to give you the low-down!

If you’re not familiar with the term microblading, it is a semi-permanent tattoo procedure which uses tiny needles instead of a gun to give the appearance of more hair strokes. So it’s not a big fat black line put on with a gun, there is no guns involved! Just a tiny blade which creates these fine hair like strokes. A lot more natural then the usual eyebrow tattooing.

I had mine done by Alice from Lashes and Brows by Al, you can see all of her work here.

I had my consultation and Alice measured up my eyebrows, and showed me where she was going to tattoo them. She also waxed them, and neatened them up ready for my microblading! I had quite a few sparse patches, there wasn’t much shape and they were super light, giving me no definition! We all know how important eyebrows are to giving your face shape.


Alice gave me some numbing cream to apply 2 hours before my procedure, I was slathering that on, and it felt SO WEIRD. A feeling I’d never experienced before! I couldn’t feel my eyebrows at all, it felt like I was touching a stranger’s face!

When I arrived, she measured and marked them out again, checking I was happy with the shape, and I was. Some parts were more painful than others, but we applied more numbing cream and that did take the edge off. The actual tattooing part lasted around 45 minutes. Once Alice had finished she applied a healing moisturising cream.

The healing process is 7 days, they scab over, and then the scabs fall off, leaving you with your new eyebrows! In these 7 days, you can’t get them wet, so it was a bit tricky washing my hair but I got around it. Whilst healing they were so itchy! It was really hard not to itch them and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t touch them, I had a couple of itches that I couldn’t ignore! You then have a top up 4-6 weeks later and then you’re done! You should have yearly top-ups to keep them in good shape!

When you have them done and whilst they are healing, they are slightly darker than what they will turn out to as you can see from the photos.

I’m all healed now and love them! Monday-Friday I don’t put any product in them, but if I’m going out, sometimes I do add a little product just because I’m going out!

Alice’s Instagram page is called Lashes and Brows By Al, I’ve linked it here if you want to go and check out her work and find out more! She is based in St Albans, Hertfordshire. If you’re in the area, I’d highly recommend!

I’ve mentioned before that I suffer with eczema on my face, and you can see it around my eyes in these pics – sorry, its gross and I hate it! 🙁




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