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Isn’t freshly washed clothes one of the best scents ever? I’m already a sucker for beautiful smelling clothes, especially when the smell lingers and you can smell it time and time again after you’ve worn it.

This is a weird thing to admit, but out of all of the chores, washing clothes is my favourite. There is something very satisfying of the washing machine being on whilst you’re doing something else, I love getting more than 1 thing done at a time!

I’ve been using the Verve products for the last few loads of washing and being passionate about my clothes, when this said it was the anti-aging kit for your clothes, I was instantly intrigued.

I want to look after my clothes, just as much as I look after my skin, hair and myself, and this is the first time I ever thought about it like that. I spend the majority of my wages on clothes, so why not look after them properly!

Verve products provide the 4 key stages, cleanse, condition, protect and refresh. They’ve got it all covered!

First up, cleanse!

The non-bio liquid capsules provide your clothes with the cleaning they deserve. Not only are they being washed, they’re being protected at the same time.

Now, condition time!

The ultra-concentrated conditioner leaves clothes super soft.

Protect me please!

So this is the fancy bit, add a few drops of the the unique Fabric Serum to protect the colour and shape and it gives that little bit of extra condition!

Every now and then we need to Refresh…

When your clothes aren’t dirty, but they just need a little refresh and pick me up, this misting spray is perfect! I can’t wait to take it on holiday because I hate the suitcase smell! I’ve also been spritzing this on the sofas, bed lined and making it smell so lovely and fresh! You can purchase this spray on it’s own too.

My favourite is the serum and the refresh spray. With the serum, you are adding that extra little touch and the refresh spray is just so quick, easy to use! All of the products have a light fresh floral DELICIOUS scent!

If you want a gorgeous smelling wardrobe and to give your clothes some TLC, give Verve Care a go! Oh and it also comes in a gorgeous box too 😉

Visit Verve here!



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