I’ve used Indeed lab products before as Caroline Hirons had raved about a few products on her blog and I couldn’t wait to try them, if you are wondering who that is, she is pretty much a skin care queen! I’ve been re-introduced to them and I wanted to share them with you because I truly think these are amazing products! I actually had the pleasure of meeting the two lovely ladies who founded the brand. It was really inspiring to hear all about the brand and actually how different these products are other products on the high street.

Indeed keep their packaging simple so they can spend the extra money on what is actually going in the tubes!

Here’s a quick review of the Indeed labs products…

Nanoblur – this was the first ‘blur’ cream invented and it is actually the best one on the market. You can pat it on top of make up or wear it alone if you’re having a make-up free day and it gives you such a smooth, even complexion! I don’t know how it does it, but it blurs all of the fine lines and makes the skin completely smooth! I’ve put some Nanoblur on the left hand side of my hand below and you really can see the difference, can you see the line down the middle! It smoothes out all of the pores and small veins! I now can’t get the ‘blurred lines’ song out of my head!

10balm – An intensive healing cream for irritated skin. This contains 10 of nature’s most effective healing ingredients, and the highest dose possible of each ingredient! It is basically packed full of goodness. I’ve been suffering with small patches of eczema and dry skin on my face and I’ve been slathering this on and using it as my night time face moisturiser and it has really helped soothe the affected areas! It is so thick and rich, feels such a treat massaging this in at night!

Retinol reface – A lot of science behind the product but Retinol is derived from Vitamin A and considered one of the most effective ingredients to help reduce visible signs of skin ageing. This cream has 3 forms of Retinol in and works hours after application with its slow release formula! This is perfect for me right now as I’m taking this anti-aging skin care thing seriously as I’m hitting 26 this year! I just dot it around my eye area and a little over my forehead frown lines!

Hydraluron moisture jelly – I’ve been using this as a day time moisturiser, similar to the other hydraluron products, it’s packed full of hyaluronic acid and along with some other magic ingredients in a magical matrix it provides instant moisture to your skin, and also a ‘plumping’ feeling all day long!

Hydraluron serum –the main ingredient, hyaluronic acid, holds up to 1000 times its weight in water, meaning it’s incredibly hydrating going deeper in to the skin than any moisturiser! The ultimate serum for keeping your skin hydrated and the moisture balanced.

Hydraluron maskspop this on for 15 minutes and hope that nobody comes to the front door! It is a sheet mask, and if you haven’t used one before, they look quite scary on! This gives you your weekly boost of hydration in the 15 min treatment! If you’re on holiday in a humid climate, or had a long flight, these are perfect for giving your skin a huge drink!

Safe to say my skin has been having some serious love recently! Now, more than ever, I have realised how important it is to look after your skin! I NEVER sleep in my make up, and trying my very hardest to give my skin the best treatment I can!

Thank you so very much to Dimitri and Dina (the founders of Indeed Labs) for sharing your inspiring knowledge and products!


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