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Hey guys! It’s been a little while as you know I’ve been on a little adventure travelling some of the world, but I am back, and back to the blog!

So I currently have a nice travelling tan, nothing as bronze goddess as I had hoped for, but I’m not my usual pale self which is amazing. How long will this last, not very long I bet. We all love getting our holiday glow on, but it just doesn’t stick around does it.

Here I have something which can help us prolong our tans, HALLELUJAH

lauras little locket, laura byrnes, coffee scrub, scrub love


Introducing Scrub Love, you are no doubt familiar with the coffee scrubs as they are everywhere right now, and for a good reason! Scrub love is an organic coffee scrub with some serious good stuff packed in, leaving out all the bad stuff.

lauras little locket, laura byrnes, coffee scrub, scrub love

How can it help prolong my tan? Buffing off all of the dead skin skins, revitalising your skin, revealing your glowy skin and enhancing your tan. Its is so important to exfoliate our skin, and this is a completely organic and amazing way to do it.

Can you eat it? No, but its pretty tempting! It actually smells like chocolate orange, absolutely delicious.

The original scrub is £11.95 and contains:

Organic coffee – the vital ingredient to buff away those dead skin cells and stimulates circulation

Pink rock salt – helps to reduce any inflammation

Sweet almond oil – helps to seal in moisture, and even skin tone

Vitamin E – helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines

Sweet orange oil and vitamin C – anti inflammatory and detoxifying, helps reduce any red areas and brighten skin

Organic orange peel – high in anti-oxidants, brightens, evens skin tone and stimulates circulation

Get in the shower, scrub a dub dub, and you’ll be feeling like a silky smooth, revitalised princess after!

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lauras little locket, laura byrnes, coffee scrub, scrub love

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