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Hello everyone!

So today is the big day, the adventure begins! There has always been something in me that has wanted to travel and see the world, I have had lots of holidays and seen a lot of the world that way, but I wanted to really travel. Somehow I never really got round to it, there were many excuses; I didn’t want to give up my comfortable lifestyle, didn’t want to be jobless when I got back, living out of a bag, money, ex boyfriends….. the list goes on. I’ll be turning 25 in May whilst i’m away and although I know I’m not old, I’m not a spring chicken anymore either.

Life can be taken so quickly from us sometimes, and we get so bogged down in our day to day lives of working to live, that we sometimes forget to actually LIVE. Life is short and we only come this way once, we are only young once, so I am off to make my dream a reality and LIVE!

I know we see the same old quotes floating around on Pinterest, ‘Live the life you love’ etc etc, but why not? Why do we deprive ourselves of things we dream to do?

So yes, today I embark on a few months travelling, well, for as long as my money lasts! We’re starting in Australia, then heading to Bali, Singapore, then to Vietnam and finally Thailand. I am such a home bird, so I know I am going to get a little homesick but I’ll be home before I know it. I’m so excited to see the different cultures, eat different foods and just soak it all in!

Follow my adventure over on Instagram (@Lauraslittelocket), lets see how I get on living out of a rucksack!

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy lives to read my blog and supporting me for the last 2 years of my blogging, when I am back, i’ll be straight back to it, so this is just a little farewell for now.

Lots of Love,

Laura xxx


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