Valentines is only 10 days away, whether you’re a loved up lover or a single pringle, you can’t avoid Valentines especially with the copious amounts of trashy gifts in every shop you visit! It always means more when someone has gone to the effort of making something themselves and as an added extra, you always earn a few extra brownie points for that as well 😉 

Let’s face it, the way to the majority of our hearts is with sugary treats. So, whether your baking for your boyf or treating yourself, why not combine the two, homemade and sugar….

I’ve linked some of my favourite recipes below which could easily be made at home for a valentines gift. These will definitely put a smile on someone’ face, or even your face…… and let’s not forget the happy tummy!

Love Bug Biscuits

love bug bicsuit

Salted caramel & peanut butter billionaire’s slice 

caramel and peanut slice

Rose water meringue kisses


Chocolate brownie hearts

brownie hearts

Doughnut sticks with chocolate dip

doughnuts with choc dip

I hope that has left you licking your lips, let me know what your favourite would be!

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