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Jacket – ASOS / Tee – Boohoo / Shorts – River Island / Hat – ASOS/ Boots – Pretty Little Thing / Necklace – Primark

The winter has pretty much wiped colour out of my wardrobe and grey has become a firm favourite! Grey compliments my addiction to black clothes so it all works pretty well together.

I picked up these shorts in River Island after I set eyes on the gorgeous print! The colours mix so well together, and actually the print combines quite a lot of different colours making it easy to style these shorts. I love the water/oil paint effect, i’m no artist so I may be wrong but do you know what I mean?

I teamed it up with my long black jacket, this is so useful to have and it can be thrown over pretty much anything, it just adds a bit of smart funk.

An outfit wouldn’t be complete without a pair of black boots would it. Today I went for my patent chunkies from Pretty Little Thing. I’m a bit clumsy and get my shoes rather mucky, being patent these are perfect for me as I can just wipe them clean so easily. It’s like looking after a child carrying around baby wipes with me!

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  1. February 5, 2015 / 11:31 am

    It’s that necklace again. LOVE it!!! Oooh, and the print on those shorts from Boohoo is insanely gorgeous x

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