P1170339 (2)As you probably noticed, I clogged up your social media feeds earlier this month with not only beautiful sweet treats, but also extremely delicious treats. Wow, what an experience it was. I was very lucky to be asked by Harvey Nichols to review their ‘afternoon tea’ at the OXO tower. As i’m sure you are aware and hence the blog, I absolutely love everything about fashion BUT I also love food, a lot a lot, so it was my absolute pleasure to see what the OXO tower had to offer. So here we go…

The day started off with a bit of brunch in the Harvey Nichols café with the lovely PR, Bianca (who is also a blogger, go check her out here). The hardest decision of the morning was which delightful item off the menu was going to meet my tummy. I opted for Eggs Benedict, having never tried this before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was not disappointed one bit. The muffin was soft yet crunchy, the poached eggs were timed to perfection, the ham was succulent and the sauce was rich and creamy. Let’s just say, I’ll be back for more for sure. All washed down with a super berry smoothie. It was just delicious; the staff were very friendly and helpful too.

After the brunch, we had a wander round the store and I snapped a few pictures of some of my favourite items I spotted. Indulge your eyes with some luxury goods…. (o and of course eggs benedict!)

P1170206 (2) P1170220 (2) P1170221 (2) P1170222 (2) P1170223 (2) P1170228

The OXO tower trip begins….

Upon arrival, staff are there to greet you and take your coats and bags etc which is handy as you know what it’s like when you’ve got coats, scarf’s and bags lingering around the table and every time you get up, you have a little trip on them! Harvey Nichols offers an exquisite ‘not afternoon tea’. It does have the same basics as a regular afternoon tea, you have a glass of champagne, its served in the afternoon, but that’s about all. There are a few options of the ‘not afternoon’ tea to choose from (I’ve linked the menu below), we went for ‘Something to Celebrate’ and this included:

Two glasses of Bollinger, Brut, Special Cuvée NV, Goat’s curd and prosciutto bruschetta, Your choice of Not Afternoon Tea sharing plate for two and Two cocktails of your choice from our Not Afternoon Tea selection.

The chilled Bollinger was served first, shortly followed by the goat’s curd and prosciutto bruschetta. As you can see, the presentation of the food is flawless and served to a very high standard. It tasted as good as it looked, it was nice and light so we had plenty of room left for the pudding!  We were able to choose 4 puddings each, yes 4! It was a tough choice to whittle it down to 4, but I was very happy with my choices. We also received a cocktail which complimented our pudding choices as well. It just added a special touch to the dining experience and there was thought behind the food. The cocktails were out of this world, I love fresh and fruity cocktails so I opted for ‘Gin n Juice’ (Sloe gin and apple juice shaken with cherry syrup and lemon juice topped with honey and apple foam). Then our plate of dreams arrived, it was spectacular, each pudding was hand crafted and intricately designed. They were immaculately delicate and elegant. Each pudding was a taste sensation, hence barely a crumb left! I think you’ll agree the presentation was perfection and definitely had the wow factor.

The staff were super attentive and made you feel like royalty. There are spectacular views of London’s infamous Southbank not to be missed while dining. Overall it was such a luxurious experience and is perfect for a special occasion or if you want to feel like royalty for the day! You will absolutely not be left disappointed. Some may call it gluttony, some may call it indulgence 😉

I hope you have enjoyed the review and if you decide to go and try, please do let me know!

My outfit has already been blogged with all of the details which you can find here if you are interested!

Scroll below for pictures……..


Brasserie Menu

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