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Blazer – ASOS / Roll neck – New Look / Shorts – River Island / Boots – Pretty Little Thing

Last week I spent a very lovely and luxurious Monday in surprisingly sunny London. We did some Christmas shopping and indulged in plenty of lavish foods. I won’t tell too much about that now as there will be a separate post all about that coming soon!

In the meantime, I thought I’d share my outfit with you….

Without even thinking, I very often end up wearing a jazzy/printed pair of shorts or skirt with a plain top and that’s exactly what has happened here, again. It’s my safe zone and fave combo! I really love my roll neck at the moment, this one from New Look isn’t too thick which is perfect as you don’t feel claustrophobic nor a sweaty mess.

I had completely forgotten about this white blazer I had purchased earlier in the year, I rediscovering clothes! Although now this needs to be dry cleaned – such a faff!

It’s always a bit risky wearing new-ish shoes when you’ve got a lot of walking to do but these were actually pretty comfy! Initially I had my heart set on the Dr Marten Chelsea boot ones but after trying them on, they just didn’t look right, I was SO gutted. Then I found these little gems on Pretty Little Thing and I am chuffed with them, I saved a lot of money too which is always a winner, maybe I could buy another pair of boots with the money I saved… hmmmmm!

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