I have had quite a few questions about which products I use on my hair and how I style it, so I thought I would show you!

First of all, the colour, I have a full head of bleach slices. This usually brings it up really light and bright but sometimes it can look a little brassy and yellowy. I always like to have an ashy tone to my hair so to knock out any of those warm tones, you need a ‘purple shampoo’. There are so many on the market but my favourite is the L’oreal Silver gloss protect system. A very popular one is Bleach London, which can be picked up in various shades from Boots.

Right, so I start off washing my hair with Paul Mitchell’s Shampoo Two. This is a deep cleansing shampoo leaving your hair squeaky clean then I follow with my L’oreal Silver shampoo. I leave this on for a few minutes to let it soak in and to make sure I have a nice platinum glow after. I then condition with the Super Strong Daily Conditioner, again by Paul Mitchell. As I mentioned I bleach my hair so I like to condition it as well as I can and this one does the perfect job!

P1100512 (2) P1100667P1100515 (2) P1100517 (2)

As you can see, my hair gets rather tangled to say the least! I use a Tangle Teezer to comb through my knotty locks, this brush is gentle on the hair and doesn’t pull and snag the hair either.

Next I use either an oil or a treatment. The two in the picture are my current favourites. I mentioned the Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair in a recent favourites post. You can read that by clicking here. Today I am using Moroccan Oil Light, you only need to use 1 pump as a little goes a long way! Now, this isn’t cheap it’s around £30 for a bottle but it really is worth it. I’ve been using it around twice a week for about 18 months and my hair is a lot softer and feels more nourished.

P1100525 P1100526 (2)


Let’s dry! I use a paddle brush to comb through my hair whilst drying to stop any knotting and to smooth my mane otherwise it becomes a rather large puff-ball!

P1100535 (2)P1100537P1100550My natural hair is a bit nothing, it’s not frizzy or wavy, nor straight or curly. Just a bit puffy and kinky at the roots, so to smooth it all down, I run the straighteners over it.P1100554

P1100584P1100602If I’m having a straight day then I just spray a little hairspray on and mess it up a little but usually I like to add a few loose curls/waves. I know what you are thinking… why have you just straightened your hair when you are going to curl it. I do this to smooth down my hair so the waves are smooth. I use the enrapture wand. Again, there are a lot of similar products out there, you can pick something like this up for under £40. I use a lot of heat on my hair and always forget to use a heat protector! Very naughty of me, I must get in to the habit of using one.

When curling you don’t have to be precise at all, I just pick up the sections and curl until there are no straight bits sticking out. I don’t hold the wand on the hair for too long as I don’t want tight curls.  I always curl the same way on the left and then the same way on the right, which is away from my face. It’s hard to explain writing this down but you can see on the pictures what I mean… I hope!

P1100610 P1100611
P1100626 P1100627 P1100630 P1100633 P1100634 P1100635 P1100643

Once I have curled all my sections that I want curling, I then comb it all out to loosen the curl and to make them more ‘wavey’ rather than ‘curly’. I use a sea salt spray and mess it up a little and to add texture. I finish it off with a hair spray to hold the waves in place and to tame any flyways!

P1100644 P1100652 (2) P1100660 (2) P1100665There we go, all finished!

P1100692 P1100694

I hope you have enjoyed this post I certainly enjoyed snapping away and writing this. Usually I am outside showing you my outfits so this is something different for me but I had fun doing it, so if there is anything else you’d like to see, leave a message below!

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