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Dress – /Shoes – La Moda

I love prints, there are so many variations out there, subtle prints, bold prints, monochrome prints, floral prints, animal prints, the list is endless. There is definately a print for every type of person out there and we all love a good print! I really find printed clothes almost style themselves, you don’t have to pile on the accessories as you don’t want to take away the attention from your printed piece. That’s how I look at it anyway, and that’s why I love this dress so much! It’s effortlessly stylish. I hardly ever leave the house without some sort of necklace on but this dress doesn’t need it!

I tend to steer away from anything ‘bodycon’ or tight fitting, I much prefer a looser fit so this dress ticks all my boxes, a cute loose swing dress, a funky print and with a collar – we all know how much I enjoy a shirts and collars! The contrasting collar and cuffs give it a little something extra. Well done you’ve made a goody!

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