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It’s time for another favourite five!

I love picking my five items, it makes me carefully consider what products have made the cut this month and stood above the rest.

First up is the Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair from Paul Mitchell. I’m not a scientist so I don’t know all the in’s and out’s but what I do know is this super spray not only smells incredible but makes your hair feel amazing too. Your spray it on wet hair and it soothes and replenishes dry hair as it helps to strengthen and seal the cuticle. This is aimed at bleached and highly lifted hair so it’s perfect my hair. Every time I wash my hair, I can’t go without a few spritz of this! There is a range of forever blonde products. They are definitely worth a try.

Talking of spritz’ing (Is that even a real word?!) I am thoroughly enjoying covering myself in this perfume. It’s a golden oldie. I think I discovered this maybe 4 years ago? I went through a couple of bottles and then as I always do, I go on the hunt for another perfume. Just before Christmas I was in the shops and spotted it again, I remembered how amazing it was so re-bought it. I never want it to run out! Its light, fresh and slighty fruity. It isn’t over powering at all. It’s so fresh and delicious. I’m not sure if you can buy it in stores but it is available online. It’s perfect for these light evening /spring approaching days.

Now this bottle of heaven I couldn’t live without and that is the Nars sheer glow foundation. Don’t freak out when you hear ‘sheer glow’. It does have a glow to it but it doesn’t make you look like you are oily or too shiny. It applies very easily to the face, it is super blendable and buildable. If you are looking for a foundation with long lasting longevity that provides your skin with a glowy and radiant finish. Look no further, you must try this! There are only a few down points, 1, its £30 a bottle which is fairly pricy, 2, its in a glass bottle so you can’t get those last few drips, and 3, the pumps are very hard to get hold of! These things are definitely outweighed by all the benefits of this foundation! I usually save this foundation for weekends and occasions rather than everyday use.

Sticking to facial products, this night time moisturiser makes bed times even more heavenly! This thick creamy indulgent moisturiser is packed with vitamins and minerals. It also has relaxing aromas to help you sleep. It claims to leave your skin radiant and refreshed and i have to agree. This is by far the best night cream I have used. I love massaging it in my face at night. All of the Origins products are very natural which is great. Next time you are by an Origins counter, have a smell, it won’t disappoint!

Last but no means least is the fake eyelashes in a bottle! Well well well, where do I start? This was actually a freebie sample and it’s the first ‘high-end’ mascara I’ve ever tried. I absolutely love it. Usually I use a variety of the Maybelline mascaras but seeing as this was a freebie, I gave it a try and now I am hooked! It’s running out, so I will be purchasing a full size one.  It thickens, elongates and fans my lashes out perfectly. Clinique counter I’m coming!

What other mascara’s are worth a try?

Speak soon xxx

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