Evening ya’ll – It’s Wednesday already! Time flies huh.

So, if you follow me on instagram you will have noticed I posted a pic with a little preview of what would be hitting the blog this week. If you don’t follow me, then you are missing out on my very exciting life (joking). My blog has been predominately fashion based with a small bit of beauty here and there but I love finding a good beauty fave which I wouldn’t want to live without. So with this in mind, I thought,  each month I would share with you my fave five beauty items.

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Let’s get started, in no particular order, I am going to start with the ‘Hydraluron’. Now, when I posted the photo of the fave five, a few people questioned what it was and I thought exactly the same thing when I first saw it. Indeed labs are the genius’ behind this product and what I love is they don’t promise the world to you. The packaging isn’t fancy and it does what it says on the box. Hydraluron is essentially the ultimate moisture boosting serum – YES PLEASE, COME TO MUMMA! My face often feels dry, tight and dehydrated. I know dry and dehydrated skin is different, so this is where I love the Hydraluron. You pop this on your face before your moisturiser and I’m not joking, combining this with your daily moisturiser you pretty much feel an instant moisture boost. Its a clear, thin gel-like formula. After a few days of this, I could really tell a difference and my face feels more plumped. Don’t worry, not the plumped that you’d get after a week of binging, but a fresh feeling, giving you a healthy glow. On the packaging it advises you to use this with your other products so I always use this before my moisturiser. They want you to use this along-side your other products, it’s just an extra moisture boosting step. Serums and oils soak in to the lower layers of our skin whilst the moisturiser only reaches the top few. Including an oil/serum in to your skin regime can massively help.  I really don’t want to bore you so I have included the link here where you can find out all the sciency stuff if you are interested. It retails for £24.99 in boots, but it’s currently on 3 for 2! Give it a go, its worth it!

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Next up is the L’Oréal Paris Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution. You’ve probably heard a lot of hype in the beauty world about micellar water, the infamous French brand Bioderma started this off and since then a lot of the drugstore brands are bringing their versions out. I actually haven’t tried the original Bioderma, 1, because it can be tricky to get hold of and 2, because it’s fairly pricy and 3, I love this one! Again there is a lot of science (click here to find out more) behind Micellar water but in essence its a hypo-allergic solution which feels as gentle as water on the skin but it is a high performance make-up remover and toner all in one. I just use this for toning. Once I have cleansed my face, I wipe this over my face on a cotton pad to remove any excess impurities that are still hanging around. This is £4.99 in boots, and again it’s on 3 for 2!

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The Lush lip scrub has been a cult member to my make up bag for a long time now. I did a more in-depth post about it previously, I’ll link it here. It’s so quick and easy to use, it gets rid of all the grose old dead skin on your lips leaving the super soft and fresh, ready for an excellent smooth covering of lippy! It’s been a saviour in the cold weather. Once I have used it, I really feel like I have a new pair of lips. It smells and tastes pretty immense too, it’s a winner.

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Now on to make up. The Rimmel wake me up concealer is a dream to use. First of all, it’s worth mentioning they only offer three shades. I got the lightest of the shades which is ivory. I purposely bought this for illuminating my under eye area. It’s lovely and creamy but it’s not cakey nor drying. It really brightens up my eye area which is brilliant after a late night! Sorry for the mucky packaging… it goes to show its very loved and used on the reg! For £5.49 you can’t go wrong. I’m no pro, but I probably wouldn’t recommend using this on spots of blemishes because its light and illuminating, you wouldn’t want to illuminate your blemishes would you. Maybe save a different concealer for those naughty spots, or you could use the wake me up but just  not in the lightest shade! With Peptides and a Vitamin Moisturising complex it’s not so bad on the skin. Just be gentle under the eye, remember to apply with your ring finger!

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Last but by no means least, here is the Benefit Hoola bronzer. Of course, it’s marketed up in Benefits gorgeous packaging and it is rated the number 1 selling bronzer in the UK. It’s not the cheapest bronzer, you can pick it up for around £23.50. It is worth it. You can only get this is one shade, but it isn’t orangey at all. It provides you with a natural and healthy looking glow, which we all are desperate for. Usually I wouldn’t tend to use the brushes that come in the packaging but this is great for contouring as the shape of the brush allows you to get in to those hollows and shape your face more. I still find highlighting and contouring fairly difficult…. make up lesson please!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this month’s five faves. As I have already mentioned, there is a lot more science and great benefits to these products but I didn’t want to bore you so I’ve just included the best bits and popped the links in too.

I love reading the comments so feel free to leave any below. Also please recommend me your favourite products so I can try more new things!

I’ll be back later in the week with a style post!

Speak soon

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  1. Natalie
    April 15, 2014 / 8:59 pm

    I love reading your blog!! You really need to try out the collection consealer! It’s amazing and so cheap £4 something I think… I really can’t fault it x

    • April 27, 2014 / 7:13 pm

      Hey! Thank you so much 🙂 I have tried it but I found t quite drying in the skin, but I will give it another go! Thank you for the recommendation! X

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