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Dress – Motel Rocks (via ASOS), Jacket – Zara, Faux fur stole – ASOS, Boots – Topshop

I was going to post this sooner as it was Saturday’s OOTD but I really wanted Sundays post to be the Valentines options, if you haven’t read that – check it out, its below!

So Saturday, me and a group of friends were heading in to bustling central London for birthday celebrations. It was a casual day drinking  to night drinking type thing. I was worried how I was going to handle drinking all day as I’m not a massive drinker (she says). I paced myself and was absolutely fine… was gutted when it was home time! I sound like such a sensible sally, I just despise hangovers and can’t cope with them!

I knew we was going to be doing a fair bit of walking so needed footwear which was suitable for the tubes, the walking, the dancing and the extra height. Guess what, of course these Topshop bad boys are out in action once again. I think I rave about them nearly every post – woops!

I had spotted this dress on the website and immediately loved the print. You know I am loving my monochromes at the moment. I was a bit wary of the ‘cold shoulder’ style but when it arrived I tried it on and it was no problem. I never actually liked the ‘cold shoulder’ style until now. It makes a casual T-shirt/loose dress a little more dressy and gives it a little extra.  Although, the head hole was extremely tight! One of my friends also ordered this dress and really struggled to get her head through….we don’t have large heads, maybe this dress was made for pea heads!

This leather jacket is so old! This has been a staple in my wardrobe for maybe almost 4 years now. It is so worn and the leather is ripping, I like the ‘older’ effect on leather jackets anyway but it’s so tricky trying to find a leather jacket that ticks all the boxes, don’t you think? Anyway, to jazz up this poor old jacket, I added my black faux fur stole/collar. Yes, I was pretty cold but I didn’t want to cart round a big coat, you  know what it’s like!

I can’t wait to wear this dress in the summer with some of those white chunky sandals… that’s my next purchase!

What do you think of the cold shoulder dresses, it’s a strange name for the style but I guess the name is very suitable for it!

Speak soon xxx


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