DSCN4165 (3)DSCN4159 (3)We all love make-up right? But do we all love removing make-up? Not so much. I have to say, since I have been using this cleansing cream, I am enjoying it a lot more!

This product was introduced to me buy a friend over a year ago, many tubes later, I am still using it. I was so impressed, that I always recommend this or buy it as a gift for someone. For me right now, its the best thing since sliced bread, so I’ve got to share it with you!

I use this at night to remove my make up, it is suitable for morning cleansing too, but in the mornings I drag myself to the shower and use a facial wash instead. So, obviously its a cleansing cream but lets not stop there. The formula is thick, rich and creamy. When I first used it, it instantly reminded me of a steam room, you know that steamy eucalyptus fresh scent. It contains rosemary, chamomile and cocoa butter too so you can imagine the calming, moisturising and soothing effects it has, not to mention how clean and refreshed your skin feels after.

In the evenings, I use 2 pumps, rub it all over my make-up’ed face and massage it in including eye area. I get the hot water tap going, not to make a cup of tea, but this cleanser comes with a muslin cloth. You wet this with hot water and wipe off the cream, or if you are me, I lay the hot cloth over my face and stand there for a moment pretending I am having a facial at a spa! The hot cloth really brings out the scents in the cream, leaving you with a super clean feeling, revived face. Bonus points is that it removes stubborn mascara – no panda eyes! Winner!

I mentioned ‘scent’, although this product isn’t packed with fragrance, its actually very natural and all Liz Earle products are very much promoted by the naturalness. It is suggested for all skin types which is definately the case, I have the frustrating combination skin and this works wonders for me.

You can pick this up in a bunch of stores, some of the larger Boots stores, department stores, and of course Liz Earle website too. You can buy this in a selection of different sizes, this one pictured in my post is 100ml which retails at £13.25 (without the cloth). You can buy the cloth’s from Liz Earle too. After a long day, it feels like a little luxury before snuggling down in bed!

Have you tried this or any of the other Liz Earle products?

Have a great weekend, speak soon xxx


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