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One thing about winter I don’t enjoy is the cold windy weather chapping your lips. Every year I come across this hurdle, but this year, I have found some little miracle workers that I am going to share with you. I was fed up spending so long swatching lipstick colours down the make-up isle, only to apply them and then having the ‘bitty’ looking effect on your lips. Not something I was aiming for! Especially when you see the beautiful glossy plump lips on the adverts.

As I have said before, I am no beauty expert but for many years I have spent a fair few pounds on cosmetics. Actually, a fair few pounds is an understatement, I would hate to think of the hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds I have spent trialling products.

I’m sure any beauty queens out there have already tried this but if you haven’t, then you need to get your mitts on it! It’s around the £5 mark, works wonders, tastes amazing, and, it is the ‘Lush Lip Scrub’. Now, when I say it tastes amazing, usually you don’t tend to eat your beauty products but this is an exfoliating flavoured sugar with softening jojoba. It comes in the yummiest of flavours; Bubble gum, Popcorn and Mint Julips. A small pot lasts ages as a little bit goes far. It leaves your lips so smooth, it takes away any dead skin and flaky bits leaving you with brand new kissable lips….. just in time for Valentine’s day 😉 People forget you can exfoliate your lips as well as your body, it’s a very important step in your skin care.

I usually use this twice a week, before bed time then slather my lips in a balm. Also a good idea is to use this before a night out so your lipstick goes on beautifully and lasts a little longer too!

On to balms. Sometimes when our lips are calling for help, we smother on the lip balm, but really that doesn’t do much because of the dead skin underneath. Lip balms can’t repair the dead skin, so you need to get rid of the dead yukky stuff and then look after the new skin.

Here are my favourite 3 lip products. They are different prices, different style of applicator and different feel of product so hopefully something to suit everyone!

First up is the EOS (evolution of smooth) Smooth Spheres. I picked this up in the USA, but Selfridges now stock this at £5.99, and even easier – trusty ole Amazon sell them at around £5. They stock a wide variety of flavours, I have the pomegranate raspberry one. When I went to the states, I had a pretty long beauty list of all the things I wanted and this is the first thing I picked up! If you are going over to America, pick as many as you can up there as they are less than half the price! The packaging itself is very smooth and fairly different  for a lip balm. I love the little ball and the way you just rub the whole thing on your lips. You can’t put too much on. It’s a matte effect so leaves no shine on your lips. All natural and antioxidant products make up this balm. It’s a rich, thick feeling which is not sticky at all and feels super moisturising on the lips. Smells heavenly too. I find this easy to find in my handbag as its bright pink and shaped unlike anything else in my bag! Again, another product that is long lasting! This is my favourite out of all three.

Next is, the Kiehls Lip Balm. This is the Mango flavoured one. It also come in Vanilla and an unscented one too. Maybe other flavours as well but they are the ones that are in stock at the moment. This one is nourishing, feels silky on the lips, when you rub them together, they glide, no sticking! This is a massive thing for me, I despise sticky lip products! You can really smell the mango which is fruity and fresh. This product comes in a tube so be careful when you squeeze it out as the tiniest bit goes so far and you don’t want to waste any. This leaves a shiny effect to your lips. You can pick this up for £9.50 at any Kiehls store, online or department stores which stocks the brand.

Last but no means least, is the Nivea Hydro care. This had always been my go-to lip balm but now I have branched out. I still think it’s a great product and for the minimal  £1.58 it is in Boots, you can’t really go wrong. If I am ever out and about and forgot a lip balm (disastrous day) I will always pop to boots and get one of these. So easy and clean to use as it’s in the stick form. The only way to describe the scent would be, the classic nivea scent but a bit lighter. This one isn’t so long lasting, I can go through these pretty quickly. It’s relatively light in moisture but still enough and, again, no stickiness. A quick swipe does leave you with a lightly moisturised fresh feeling lip.

They say you should look for and use, natural waxes and fats likes bees wax, cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil or aloe vera. Waxes help protect the lips and oils soften the lips.

Just like your skin, the best way to look after those pout-iful lips, is to exfoliate and moisturise.

Hope you have enjoyed reading my low-down on lip care.

Let me know your favourite lip products, I would love to try more!

Speak soon xxx



  1. Lydia-jane
    January 23, 2014 / 8:17 pm

    I love this! Didn’t know lip exfoliant even existed! As a bright lipstick wearer Will have to invest! Babylips and Clinique chubby sticks are lip balms but with a tint of colour which I think is great 🙂 xx

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